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How to create a nice website to attract more clients for your business

My Best 31 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Business, Even If You’re Starting Out


It wasn’t really easy when I first  started my business a few years ago. I remembered trying to get clients was a difficult task. I actually thought that people will just find what I was doing interesting and start working with me. Most of the clients I managed to work with just have me do little jobs that doesn’t  mean anything and that was it. It was quite difficult for me to add value to what I offer, so I wasn’t making a lot of money.

Now I have client working with me for a year and these clients see results because of our continuous effort to improve things in their business.

Today’s post is about getting client even if you are just starting out … these strategies work and it a most for any small business owners.

Whether you’re just starting out or ‘ve been working on it for years, here are some of my FAVORITE ways to getting clients…

  1. Have the likability factor. Be likable and do likable things
  2. Work with a lot of people for free who will in return refer you lot’s of business. I remember working with 30 clients for free. I created a bootcamp for them where I teach them marketing strategies to help them grow their businesses. It lasted only 10 weeks. They had to refer every month to remain in the program.
  3. Make it a habit to ask for referrals on a consistent basis and reward and recognize clients who refer.
  4. Get your site to the top of the Google Local Business Listings and get lots of positive reviews
  5. Get clients from Facebook Ads targeting your audience as deep as possible and making your ads as relevant as possible
  6. Becoming a master at closing sales so you can convert as many prospect as possible into client.
  7. Start using direct mail
  8. Start your own informative blog. Post articles and send prospects to it on a regular basis and build a good relationship with them by giving them tons of fun, free, killer content
  9. Have a good direct response style website that will actually convert your visitors into appointments… like these: My Website: Be A Wealthy Entrepreneur
  10. Have a good phone script
  11. Read this post here, and if you’ve already read it, read it.
  12. Start doing some Public speaking
  13. Master the act of  networking with the right people
  14. Contact old inactive clients on a regular basis
  15. Put people on long term program so they can get better results and become your raving fan
  16. Hire a coach who’s done what you wanna do ( someone who is a master at getting clients)
  17. Visualize people literally willing to pay you your worth
  18. Take massive action (only like 5% of people do, that’s why most small business owners are broke and only a small percent
  19. Focus on giving results and value
  20. Help one business owner less successful than you become at least as successful as you are
  21. Email your clients all kinds of cool and positive messages (another great way to get more referrals)
  22. Send your clients gift when they’ve reached a certain goal
  23. Work on things that will get you more clients… most small business owners spend their time on things that just keeps them busy, so get into the habit of doing things EVERY DAY that will bring in new business ( like the things on this list) …By Automating and delegating as much as possible you can spend your time on things that will really drive your business forward
  24. Survey your market so you can sell them what they want and not what you *think* they want
  25. Do something OUTRAGEOUS to get local media attention
  26. Become a local expert in local magazines and publications
  27. Get publicity by being the featured expert on local news channels
  28. Get results for as many of your clients as possible ( here’s what’s funny… this is important… but not as important as a lot of others things on this list believe it or not… at least not when it
  29. Do whatever is necessary to get new clients (keep it win/win)… walk through fears, break through your comfort zone barriers, put in extra hours ( especially at first) and invest in yourself and in your business
  30. Build a massive “opt-in” email list of people who want to hear what you have to say… give them as much awesome content as you can
  31. Have clear and defined goals of how many people you want to help and in what ways you’re gonna help them how many clients you’re gonna get, how much money you’re gonna make, how you’re gonna get there, when you’re gonna get there, and then just do it… NO EXCUSES…?


Have you seen that strategy that you start working on right away. Please let me know what you’ve noted will work for your business.

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